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About Us

Christ the King and the Anglican Union for the Propagation of the Gospel: A Confraternity of Oratories. The Anglican Mission exists to help start and sustain faithful Christian ministries and churches around the world within the Anglican Communion, an 80 million-member church. From the Anglican Union: AUPG is rooted in the Anglican Tradition, an ancient-future faith that dates back to the first-century church and developed in the English Reformation. Ready for more, click Worship Schedule

Worship Schedule

Live Stream Services Each Week at 10:15 AM Here On VIMEO Weekly Service Schedule Sunday Morning Traditional Service: 8:00 AM Coffee Hour: 9:00 AM Fr Don’s Adult Sunday School: 9:15 AM Jr. Kids Church: Ages 3-5: 10:15 AM Kids Church: Ages 6-10: 10:15 AM Contemporary Service: 10:15 AM  ~ WATCH LIVE ON VIMEO ~ Wednesday Dinner & Classes: 5:45 PM – 7:45 PM Bible study classes will resume in AUGUST and conclude in MAY. Sunday Evening Service: 5:00 PM Resumes…

What to Expect

What to Expect When people first attend Christ the King Anglican Church they may experience a new form of participatory worship. In fact, the word “liturgy” means “work of the people.” All gathered can actively participate in the celebration of both Word and Sacrament. Throughout the service, you will observe the faithful:  stand for the reading of the Holy Gospel, respond to the prayers of the people, pray in unity to confess sins, sing songs an hymns, profess their faith, make…

What We Believe

We Believe Christianity is often described as a River of Life flowing down through the centuries.  Over the last two thousand years, that River has grown wider and deeper as it has been fed by streams or tributaries merging fresh new perspectives with time-honored practices. These tributaries are thus vital to the health of the River for without them the River is in constant danger of growing stagnant, or worse, drying up altogether.  There are many such streams which over…

Our Staff

Our staff members serve in a variety of roles to meet the needs of the church. The staff supports the spirit of our church and our community.