Dinner will be served at 5:45 pm followed by Wednesday night studies.

The Anglican Way
Fr. Don is teaching this class on what it means to be an Anglican.  This course will hopefully be a guidebook for anyone interested in following Jesus as an Anglican Christian.  This is for both the newcomer and the person who wants to go deeper.  It will answer questions about history, theology, worship and more.  Please join us if this sounds like something that could benefit your understanding of our faith.

Personal Evangelism
While we have used the title of “Personal Evangelism”, this course will attempt to challenge each member of the class to make Jesus Christ “King”, not only of our church but of our lives individually.  In the class, we will see how Jesus changes each of us to be His disciple and make disciples by sharing the message of the gospel.  We hope to do this discovering what Gospel means in my individual life and how I might share that good news with others.  The scriptures will be integral in our study of how we can go into the world and make disciples among family, friends and strangers.  My prayer is that we will grow together in our love for Jesus.  This class will be taught by Fr. Tom Carson.

Gospel of John
Have you ever read a gospel and read through passages that you didn’t understand?  Have you ever read a gospel in depth with other Christians?  Have you taken part in a forum designed to help you go deeper in your personal study?  If you’ve answered yes to one or more of these questions, then this class focusing on John’s gospel may be for you.  This class will be taught by Fr. John Strachovsky.

Alpha Parenting for Teens
Fr. Bryan and Shakila Pyle will be teaching this class.