Stewardship is the measure of how we give our time, talent, and treasure back to God in thanksgiving for our many blessings.


An acolyte is an assistant or follower assisting the celebrant in a religious service or procession. Adults and children are needed to serve as Acolytes at our church services.  Boys and girls can start serving at age 8 and training sessions are provided twice a year. Acolytes provide leadership during the service in several ways, including lighting the candles, presenting the flag, and assisting the priest during the Eucharist celebration. All children interested must complete training. Mark Porter – 863-559-8154


Church volunteers can be responsible for numerous duties. Typically Sunday school teachers, church nursery workers, choir participants, and church musicians are all volunteers. Leaders within the church such as those who lead worship, youth ministry, teen groups, and children’s choir are often volunteers, and sometimes have children within these groups. Other internal volunteer leaders can include ushering, greeting guests and members, organizing fellowship hours or luncheons following the service If you’re interested in serving as a volunteer in the children…

Altar Guild

The Altar Guild sets up and clears the liturgical furnishings for all Church services and for services at Grace Christian School.  It maintains the linen, vestments, and altar vessels. Members are scheduled every few weeks. This important group is always looking for new members.  There is no experience needed as training is provided. Bev McGee – 352-817-1562

Bell Choir

Bell Choirs have been a part of the church’s worship for hundreds of years and are a beautiful addition to the musical liturgy. Christ the King has a ladies Handbell Choir that meets on Thursdays at Grace Christian School from 5:30-6:45. Our mission is to provide sacred music in support of worship to glorify God. The handbell choir performs during worship services and other special events throughout the year. The member’s participation is a way to serve the church and…


If singing is your joy, please join us every Thursday at 7:15 pm for Choir practice.  We sing every Sunday at 10:15 am service. Bryan Pyle –

Flower Guild

The Flower Guild is responsible for altar flowers each Sunday, decorating the sanctuary for Christmas and Easter, and flowers for funerals.  If you love flowers and would like to be part of this very special ministry we would love for you to join. Lori Tani 352-229-3923.


As Greeters, we seek to welcome everyone who comes to both the 8 am and 10:15 am Worship Services.  We place a special emphasis on greeting first-time attenders and have the privilege of presenting them with a very special welcome at the end of each service.  This is such a vital part of our worship service. Fran Christman – 407-953-9226.

Hospitality Program

This ministry provides meals to those who are unable to prepare their own meals due to illness, bereavement, or other special circumstances.  If you like to cook and would be willing to occasionally provide a meal, please call; Jennifer DeHaan – 352-622-1529.


Ushers are a very important part of our church. They are responsible for seating guests and maintaining the order and security of services. If you are interested in ushering during our Sunday service training is provided. Robin Wilcox 352-352-9727.