Samaritan’s Purse

Sending Christmas shoeboxes to children around the world who have endured difficult circumstances, war, poverty, loss of family, weather disasters, etc. Since 1993 over 100 million boxes have been hand-delivered in more than 150 countries. Each shoebox is accompanied by a booklet, “The Greatest Gift of All”, written in 70 languages. Our activities include wrapping shoeboxes, sorting items, making homemade items, bagging candy and packing the shoeboxes. Marilyn Wood 352-861-4678

Community Outreach

Helping the Community The tithes that come into Christ the King from the people of God, are shared back out across the world internationally as well as locally as we follow Jesus’ mandate to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, welcome the stranger, visit the sick and those in prison. American Christian School Arnette House Campus Crusade for Christ Christian 12-Step Ministry Grace Christian School Helping Hands Foundation His Compassion Intervarsity Christian Fellowship Interfaith Emergency Services Marion County Senior Services…

Connection to Africa

Global Missions For Christ the King, it means that our clergy serves under a Bishop in Tanzania, Africa.  This allows us to have their spiritual covering and to continue to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ freely.  For our church, it means that we will often dedicate our resources to helping our partners in Africa, Latin America, and Canada.  We believe the church is an international body and we are doing our part to participate in what God is doing…